Candidate Instructions 🧒

You are the FY1 working on the gastroenterology ward.

Your next patient is a 74 year-old-lady, Mrs Martha Abbott, you have been asked to review her bloods which have just come back, amend and/or add treatments to her drug chart as necessary and explain the changes to the patient.

Mrs Abbott was admitted 2 days ago with abdominal pain, she was off her legs', since her admission she has had 2 bouts of vomiting -- likely food poisoning. She is struggling to drink enough fluids. She is being kept in hospital until she is medically fit for discharge.

You are NOT required to take a history.

Patient details:
History: abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, STEMI, hypertension, heart failure
Pulse: 112
Blood pressure: 99/68
Respiratory rate: 21
O2 saturations: 96%
Temperature: 37.1°C
Weight: 62kg
Urine output: 650ml/24hours

Station Time: 5 minutes

Please use the BNF ( where appropriate.


Media 1

Drug chart

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