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Before OSCEhub: Hectic OSCE practise, stations aren't challenging, and no idea if you're improving.

After OSCEhub: Always ready to practise, productive & challenging sessions, clear on where to improve.

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Ready-to-go OSCE stations with candidate and actor instructions + an interactive mark scheme.

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Accurate mark schemes

Our Smart Mark Schemes uses a global scoring system (using thresholds) rather than individual scores to reflect how universities mark you in the real exams.

This ensures your final score on OSCEhub is reflective of your true performance.

Become an expert diagnostician

Listen to the heart murmurs, interpret the CXRs, and read the ECGs.

We incorporate media and real presentations into our stations using videos, images & audio to help you recognise the signs.

Identify your strengths & weaknesses

Use our interactive mark scheme to get an your score with a breakdown. Identify your weak points and use it to inform your revision.

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Constant improvement

Log and submit your scores to your peers to track your progress.

Easily identify your weaknesses via low-scoring stations and repeat those stations.

High quality feedback + GIFs

Our feedback consists of key points that can help make or break a station as well as helpful practical OSCE tips.

Our GIFs are the perfect way to show you practical skill steps clearly and easily.

Simple, transparent pricing.

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