Candidate Instructions 🧒

You are the FY1 working in A&E.

Please perform a respiratory examination on a patient who has very recently started experiencing shortness of breath, cough and tightness of chest.

At the end of your examination you will be provided with the relevant positive findings.

Please answer all of the examiner's questions.

Patient details:
Name: James Stallone
Age: 23
Basic info: asthma, hay fever, nil other medical history, ventolin inhaler, beclamethasone inhaler, nil other drug history
O2 saturation: 94%
Heart rate: 119bpm
Blood pressure: 111/71
Respiratory rate: 29
Temperature: 37.2°C
Speech: able to talk in full sentences

Station time: 5 minutes (3.5 minutes examination + 1.5 minutes questions)


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